we are the literary magazine of beaverton high school. this is our mission.


How do we make others see? Why are connections so valuable? What is our place in the world? How do we break the formality?

Why do we need diversity?

Why create? Why now?

Our ancestors used to spread stories by word of mouth. However, this practice has been lost in the modern age. We must embrace the humanity and the stories of those around us.

One spark can start a wildfire.

DAM Mag punches you in the face. It is bold. It empowers the students of BHS to

express themselves. We want to confront the emotions, desires,

worries and fears of our yesterday’s, today’s, and our tomorrow’s.

We want to hear, to see, to feel.

We want to ask hard questions. We refuse to settle for easy answers.

We write not for ourselves, or for our friends, but for those without a pen.

Para los sin pluma.


لأولئك الذين ليس لديهم قلم

cho những người không có một cây bút.


We’re ready to breach the DAM.